Attendants of the Bride

A guide to Biblical governance in the local church

Are you a church leader? Pursuing a call to ministry?

Discover God's plan for church leadership.

This course introduces the Jewish understanding of bridal attendants and reveals how Jesus used this illustration when he spoke about his church. It explores the roles of elders and deacons, as well as some practical ways to build effective teams within your local body. Don't miss it! Sign up today.


1| Introduction to Attendants of the Bride


  • Session 1 Video

2| Biblical Governance


  • Session 2 Video

3| The Office of Local Church Elders


  • Session 3 Video

4| The Office of Deacons


  • Session 4 Video

5| Moving from Three to Five-fold Ascension Gifts


  • Session 5 Video

6| Building Effective Governance Teams


  • Session 6 Video

About Your Instructor

Greg Haswell

Greg Haswell

Lead Pastor, Northlands Church

Greg is passionate about creating space for others to walk into their calling, preaching the gospel of God's grace, and fostering a mature response to the Holy Spirit. He is well-respected for his devotion to God's Word and his grace-based teaching. He is the author of Beyond Leadership-a book about church governance and the responsibility of those leading churches worldwide.


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