Northlands Church Courses


Northlands Conference 2020 | Identity

Dive in to who God made you to be with this Identity course by Dale Mast, author of And David Perceived He Was King.


Spiritual Gifts

Explore the different sets of spiritual gifts as listed in the Scriptures. These include Grace gifts, Ascension Gifts, and Manifestation Gifts. In this series, you'll learn God's intent for these gifts and how to use them in your life.


Hearing God's Voice

He's always speaking. Learn how to listen.


What Was Accomplished on the Cross

This series explores what Jesus accomplished on the cross through the seven sprinklings of his blood. Each session covers one blessing Jesus died to purchase for us and reveals that faith is the only way to access these gifts.


The Person of Jesus Christ

In this series, we explore the person of Jesus Christ in his divinity, his humanity, and in his intimacy. Knowing him is central to our faith, and discovering the many aspects of his nature equips us to follow him and to share his gospel.


The Teachings About Righteousness

Knowing the truth about our righteousness in Christ is a cornerstone of our faith. These teachings explore the new covenant reality that we are completely righteous in Christ and all the requirements of the law have been fully met in us who believe.