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The Governmental Role of the Attendants of the Bride

Are you a leader in your church?

Discover God's design for church government

Getting church governance right is vital. The Scriptures are remarkably clear on the way God's people ought to be led, and they speak of a style of governing that goes beyond the principles of conventional leadership. This book investigates the type of church government that brings delight to God and life to his people. It is a practical manual for those who want to learn Biblical governance and who desire to see every congregation member thriving in their God-given destiny.

About the Author

Greg Haswell

Greg Haswell

Lead Pastor, Northlands Church

Greg is passionate about creating space for others to walk into their calling, preaching the gospel of God's grace, and fostering a mature response to the Holy Spirit. He is well-respected for his devotion to God's Word and his grace-based teaching. He is the author of Beyond Leadership-a book about church governance and the responsibility of those leading churches worldwide.


Greg has in a profound way unpacked the idea that grace needs to flow the right way. That when the Church is led well the grace gifts of God to the church are working at all levels. This is a profoundly deep theological work yet accessible to the casual reader.
Peter Rasmussen Speaker & Pastor, CityHill Church
Greg is an exceptional leader and is more than qualified to write on the subject of leadership. Like the David he writes about, Greg is "a man with a heart after God." May those who read this book benefit as much as I have from your example of leadership.
Stephen Wheeler Pastor and Author, Highway Christian Community
This book is a big treasure chest. Greg is a big picture man with an apostolic wisdom that makes complicated things simple. The powerful perceptions in this book will resonate with the readers and awaken much-needed discernment in our day. It is written for this generation now!
Rob Rufus Speaker & Author