Want to be a better Bible teacher? Communicator?

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This e-course is designed to provide you with practical tips to improve your communication skills as well as a basic grounding in important theological concepts. Whether you're a seasoned preacher or someone who is just starting out, this course is for you. 


  • 1


    • 1| The Yoke of Truth

    • 2| Canonology

    • 3| God is a Communicator

    • 4| Original Intent

  • 2

    Principles of Interpretation

    • 1| The Context Principle

    • 2| The First Mention Principle

    • 3| The Comparative Mention Principle

    • 4| The Progressive Mention Principle

    • 5| The Complete Mention Principle

    • 6| Proof Text

  • 3

    Principles of Communication

    • 1| The Four Layers of Preparation

    • 2| Helps & Hinderances

    • 3| The Focus of a Sermon

    • 4| The Authority by Which We Preach

    • 5| Using Illustrations

    • 6| Types of Illustrations

    • 7| Three Drivers

About Your Instructor

Senior Pastor, Northlands Church

Greg Haswell

Greg is passionate about creating space for others to walk into their calling, preaching the gospel of God's grace, and fostering a mature response to the Holy Spirit. He is well-respected for his devotion to God's Word and his grace-based teaching. He is the author of Beyond Leadership-a book about church governance and the responsibility of those leading churches worldwide.